The Best Countries For Bike Riding

Are you an avid cyclist? If you love riding your bike, you’re going to want to make a point of traveling to places that are bike-friendly. Certain countries go above and beyond to encourage people to ride their bicycle as much as they can.

Denmark, Number 1 Biking Country

Denmark is home to Copenhagen, which many people describe as the most bike-friendly city in the entire world! The city has taken a number of measures to encourage people to ride bicycles. There are many bike paths that allow people to ride safely. There are also places to stop and fill your tires with air.

Of course, Copenhagen isn’t the only place in Denmark that is great for cyclists. You’ll find that all of this country’s cities go above and beyond to make things better for bike riders. Many small towns and villages in the area have also taken steps to encourage people to ride bicycles.

Japan, Cycling Is a Way of Life

Many people in Japan don’t own their own cars. It’s extremely common for people to rely on public transportation or bicycles to get around. Because of this, major cities like Tokyo have been designed to be bike friendly. Even though this city is very dense, it’s easy to get around on a bicycle.

When you’re in Japan, you’ll also have the opportunity to go on a number of cycling tours. These tours are a fantastic way to see what the city has to offer. If you don’t want to bring a bike with you, there are plenty of bike rental shops you can try. Japan is known for making high-quality bicycles.

Philippines, An Active Biking Community is Rising

You wouldn’t expect as much bicycle enthusiasm as you’d find in the Philippines. But the people here have really taken to this amazing way of transportation and working out. Now you find new clubs starting everywhere.

And the industry is catching up too. You can find both offline and online bike shops in many places.

Brazil, Bicycle Sharing  Is Everywhere

Brazil wasn’t always a great country for cyclists. However, in the 90s, the country started to take steps to encourage more people to ride bikes. Major cities in Brazil are filled with bike lanes, and there are many bike sharing services as well.

If you’re in a city like Rio de Janiero, you’ll be pleased to know that there are bike paths that will take you straight to the local beaches. You can work up a sweat on a bike, then cool off in the water.

France, Bikes For Tourists and Locals

A huge percentage of France’s population bikes regularly. Because of this, the city has taken many steps to accommodate bikers. While major cities like Paris are friendly to cyclists, you’ll also find that smaller towns like Strasbourg are working hard to encourage people to bike.

Currently, France is trying to encourage more of its citizens to bike. Because of this, there are a number of initiatives designed to make biking in the country even more popular. When you’re in France, getting a hold of a bike should be a breeze.

Germany, Cycle of Flat Terrain With Well-designed Paths.

Germany is filled with flat terrain, which makes it a natural fit for bikers. Of course, simply having flat ground isn’t enough to have a great biking experience. Thankfully, cities like Berlin have taken extra steps to make sure that bike riders have a positive experience.

Cities like Berlin have extremely long and well-designed cycling paths. When you’re riding your bike, you won’t have to worry about avoiding cards. You can travel long distances without running into any vehicles at all. There are also plenty of appealing bike tours aimed at tourists. You can explore German cities or the German countryside from the seat of a bike.

If you’re a cyclist, and you’re looking for a country that’s great for bike riding, this list of bike-friendly countries should be extremely helpful to you. The next time you’re picking travel destinations, you should give these countries a closer look. If you visit one of these places and bring your bike along, you’re sure to have an amazing time.

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